Best Bilge Pumps: Top Recommendations for 2021

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To keep you safe inside the boat, you need to have a reliable bilge pump available to keep the bilge water at the right level. In this review, we have made a list of the best bilge pumps out there so you can have a great choice at your fingers.

Without further ado, let’s go check out these best bilge pump options and what they have to offer for your marine vessel so you can make the best purchasing decision for you and your boat.

Comparison Chart

Johnson Pump Pro-Line Bilge Pump
Best Choice
Submersible Boat Bilge Pump From Mazzone
Best Price
ECO-WORTHY Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Pump
Best Flow Rate

Bilge Pump Reviews

Submersible Boat Bilge Pump From Mazzone


This bilge pump from Mazzone will help you out in the case of an emergency thanks to the easy operating feature. It can be used with a wide variety of marine vessels to keep your boat at the right level.


With quite a durable construction, the bilge pump can easily be used in even the harshest environment to keep a level low. This pump is made from strong materials that will improve the longevity further to last for many years of pumping.

You can easily submerge the whole pump to reach even the lowest levels for quick and easy pumping of the water. So you do not need to worry if it accidentally falls overboard; you can still easily retrieve it without it getting damaged.

This bilge pump from Mazzone can be used for a wide variety of marine vessels to keep the bilge level low. It will quickly and efficiently pump out up to 1100 gallons of water in just 1 hour for your convenience.

The motor of this bilge pump is water-cooled, so it will not run too hot, improving the lifetime of the pump. It also runs at quite a low water level, so you will disturb anyone around you while it is running.

However, this bilge pump does not come with battery terminal clamps included, so you need to attach your own.


  • Made with quite robust construction
  • The pump can be fully submerged
  • Can be used on a variety of vessels
  • It operates at quite a low noise level


  • There are no battery clamps included
  • It is not able to remove all the water


Johnson Pump Pro-Line Bilge Pump


With the quick water flow of this bilge pump, you will be able to manage the water level much easier without too many hassles. It also comes with quite a long warranty included to back the pump’s top quality and provide you with peace of mind.


With the anti-airlock protection included, it will help protect the pump and motor from over usage to last longer. It is also relatively easy to maintain this bilge pump from Johnson Pumps because of the base strainer attached to it.

With a high flow rate of up to 750 GHP, you will be able to empty your vessel from the bilge water easily. So with this pump, you have quite an efficient water flow rate to get the pumping done in much less time.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of this bilge water pump to make it durable enough to last for many years. The compact and lightweight design makes it also quite easy to carry with you on most marine vessels for easy transport.

All parts are 100 percent factory tested to make sure you have a working bilge pump at your disposal. It does come with quite a high price tag attached, but the high-quality will make up for that to make it quite an investment.

Unfortunately, this pump also does not come with an automatic float switch included, so you need to add one yourself.


  • It comes with anti-airlock protection
  • A 3-year warranty is included with the pump
  • Has quite a high flow output
  • High-quality materials used in manufacturing


  • The motor is not very durable
  • It does not come with an automatic floating switch


Electric Marine Bilge Pump From Saeflo


With quite a durable construction and nice design, you will be able to use this bilge pump for quite some time to come. It also comes loaded with superior features that will make your life much easier and provide far more comfort.


This pump will easily handle most water evacuation applications without too much effort to get the job done in no time. The quiet motor will not disturb other people near you, so you can easily use it in an enclosed space.

While it is in operation, it will not vibrate a lot to make it a safe option to eliminate bilge water. This pump from Seaflo also comes with a watertight seal to make it easy to fully submerge it in the water.

A large impeller design means that this pump will quickly and easily move the water from your vessel to where it belongs. You will always feel safe while using this pump to keep your boat protected from becoming overflowed or any other vessel, for that matter.

You can also use this bilge pump provided by Seaflo in saltwater as well as in freshwater without damaging it. But this water pump cannot run continuously, so you need to keep an eye on it all the time. It also does not have a manual on and off switch.


  • It is easy to service and maintain
  • Very little vibration is detected when in operation
  • Comes with a large impeller design
  • Can be used with salt as well as freshwater


  • The pump can not run continuously
  • It does not have a manual on and off switch


Bilge Pump From Shoreline Marine

If you need a bilge pump that will get the job done but not make a hole in your pocket, look no further. You will not even notice this pump in your vessel thanks to the lightweight and compact design that makes it strong enough to work.


This pump will be very easy to install with the universal mounting option added to make it easier, even for the beginner. Even if you have never used this type of equipment before, you will be able to install and operate it.

With quite a durable construction, you can easily use this bilge pump in harsh environments and in most weather conditions. It is safe to use during wet weather, and it will easily withstand the sun’s UV rays.

A maximum flow rate of up to 600 gallons per hour makes it ideal to use with many different marine vessels and applications. You also do not need to worry about the pump because it is fully submersible and will not become damaged easily.

With marine grade wiring, this unit is quite safe to use with almost any type of water pumping end evacuation applications. Overall this small bilge pump is durable enough to be used for many years to come and make your life much more comfortable.

However, it has very little pressure behind it and will only pump the water as high as up to 24 inches.


  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Made with durable construction
  • It has a high maximum flow rate capacity
  • The wiring of the pump is high-grade


  • It will only run when it is on power
  • Very little pressure behind the pump


Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump From Eco-Worthy

This versatile bilge pump provided by Eco-Worthy can be used with quite a large variety of water evacuation and water pumping applications. It also comes with many features included to make the water pumping jump easier and far more effective.


With a high flow rate of up to 1100 gallons of water per hour, you will be safe with this bilge pump in your boat. It also comes with quite a high lift of up to nearly 10 feet, making it very safe to use for keeping the water level low.

This powerful bilge pump will be a very suitable candidate to use as a backup pump in even large vessels. At the very high flow rate, you can quickly and efficiently evacuate the boat in only a very short time, saving you many hours.

With an anti-fouling impeller, this little pump will virtually never fail you while it is doing the work it is meant to do. The moisture tight seal makes it capable of being fully submerged and safe to use in any environment or setup.

To top it all, this pump is one of the easiest to install and operate, even for those without previous experience.

Unfortunately, this very handy and versatile bilge pump does not have a warranty included with it for your peace of mind.


  • Small and compact but powerful
  • Can be used as a backup pump in large vessels
  • Well priced for many features
  • Easy to install on your vessel


  • No warranty can be found for this pump
  • There is no thread on the discharge fitting



The winner in this lineup of the best bilge pumps is none other than the Johnson Proline bilge pump, with excellent quality and reliability at your disposal. It also comes with a long 3-year warranty, backing the top quality product.

In second place, we have a very affordable bilge pump from Eco-Worthy that also comes with a lot of great features included. With this pump, you also pay much less for great quality and reliability to get the job done.

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