Best Sailing Watches of 2021: Best Picks

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When it comes to a sailing watch’s functionality, the features should be reliable and the watch should be durable. This will help the sailors and sportspeople out there to improve critical timing and overall outcome for all types of boat racing.

We will take a look at some of the more popular as well as affordable brands available on the market for the professional sailor. These watches are available in a wide variety of configurations, but it should be easy to find one just for you.

Keep on reading if you are interested to know which one of these best sailing watches is great for your specific demands.

Comparison Chart

Garmin Quatix 5 Multisport Marine Smartwatch
Best Choice
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Ronstan ClearStart 40mm Sailing Watch
Best Price
Seiko Men’s SPC049 Velatura Watch
Best Water Resistance

Best Sailing Watches Reviews

Quatix 5 Multisport Marine Smart Watch By Garmin

With the Garmin sailing watch, you can be sure that you are getting top-quality and very reliable technology at an affordable price. It is loaded with sports features to make the life of the professional as well as the beginner sailor much easier.

Product Highlights

You can easily have control over your vessel with the nice, advanced autopilot control feature included with the watch. This is even possible when you are not at the helm; you can access the autopilot and steer the vessel wherever you want.

With the Garmin sail assist capabilities included with this marine watch, you can easily have control over all aspects of the race. You can visualize the race by seeing a virtual starting line that is displayed by the watch with two waypoints included.

The watch is also equipped with high-sensitive GPS navigational and tracking functions to allow you to navigate across land and water easily. It also comes with a built-in altimeter to provide you with elevation data so you can accurately monitor ascent and descent.

With a barometer included with the watch, you can easily and accurately predict weather changes by viewing short-term air-pressure trends. Also included with this watch is the elevated wrist-based heart rate measurement feature to keep track of your heart rate.

Unfortunately, the marine watch supplied by Garmin is a bit fragile and may need some very good caretaking to last.

Read our full review of Garmin Quatix 5 watch here.

Read our full review of Garmin Quatix 6 watch here.

The Good

You can easily and quickly interchange the different wrist straps, of which you get two included, with the easy quickfit band system. It is also equipped with all the necessary functions you will need if you want to use the watch as a sailor watch.

The Bad

This watch does not come with a scratch-resistant face, so it might become damaged in quite tough situations and rough handling. It is also a bit large and thick to look good on smaller wrists size, which may take away some of the aesthetics.


  • It is quick and easy to fit on
  • The watch comes with great functions
  • It is well-designed for better looks
  • Made with a reasonably durable construction


  • This watch is not scratch resistant
  • It is a bit large for small delicate wrists


Seiko Men’s SPC049 Velatura Black Chronograph Watch

This watch that is made for watersports comes with a water-resistant feature of up to 330 feet deep in the water. Together with the quite robust design, it will be ideal for the sailer where there is no place for soft and fragile people.

Product Highlights

The dial face diameter might be a bit large compared to other similar watches, but the body of the watch is only 12.5 millimeters thick. It is made with quite a durable construction and high-quality materials to last very long in the harsh outdoor environment.

Even though this watch is made to last with strong, durable features, it is also designed with a good-looking display. The watch comes with a much improved aesthetic design, so it will display nicely when not in use for sailing and yachting.

The functions that are included for yachting are relatively easy to activate and provide you with precise timing for the race starting. It is quite easy to operate the watch for a wide variety of sporting applications, especially for marine functions.

But when it comes to the alarm, the sounds are quite low, and the watch may not even wake the deep sleeper at all. This will be a problem when you are out on the water and the wind is loud and there is the loud ambient noise of the environment.

The Good

This watch from Seiko is made with very durable construction and is even designed to be scratch-resistant, so it will last longer. It is the ideal watch you need for the rough and tough environment of the open sea or anywhere in the harsh outdoors.

The Bad

It is difficult to read the dials of this watch at a glance, and it will take time to see what you need to see. This is a problem where you need to have that information in a fraction of a second for a quick reaction time while yachting.


  • The functions for yachting are relatively easy to use
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant


  • The dials are a bit difficult to read
  • Alarm sounds are quite soft


Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch

51n5 jgfslL

It is quite easy to access all the functions of this digital sailing watch supplied by Ronstan for sportspeople. The watch is designed to be used with a wide variety of sporting options, and the display is clear and easy to read.

Product Highlights

This watch comes with clear starting functions included, making it quite easy to use for start of the race applications. This is a great feature when you do not have the time to perform manual calculations while controlling your vessel in rough water.

It also comes equipped with all the necessary sailing functions included to make life much easier for the sailor out there. These functions are great for keeping your sailing in top condition to help make a difference in the outcome of the race.

All the controls for the functions are easily accessible with clear and large buttons, so you won’t miss it when pressed in a hurry. The watch will also remind you when the battery is running low so you can easily and quickly replace the battery when necessary.

It is made with a durable and strong design to last much longer and provide you with many sailing and timing hours. With the large display readings, you will not have problems reading the display for in-time arrival every time. Even though the watch’s size is a bit on the small side, it can be used for a wide range of wrist sizes.

The Good

The sailing watch supplied by Ronstan is available at quite an affordable price, so more people can afford the watch. It also displays nicely on the wrist, making it ideal to be used for sorting applications as well as using it for everyday wearing.

The Bad

This watch from Ronstan does not have a very intuitive user interface, so it might take some time to learn to use it. The watch will also reset at noon when the battery is running low, especially when you are using some of the great features included.


  • Comes with a low price tag attached
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Great features included with the watch
  • Comes with a very nice aesthetic design


  • The watch may have a steep learning curve to use it
  • Overall size is a bit small for some people


Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch From Citizen


When it comes to watches made by Citizen, you automatically expect excellent quality, and this is also the case with this watch. It comes with great features included to make it great for water sports, especially sailing and other boating options.

Product Highlights

With the light-powered eco drive included with this diver watch, it will convert all types of light into energy to drive your watch. The energy is then stored in a permanently rechargeable battery to keep your watch powered all the time.

It is water-resistant for up to 660 feet to make it perfect for scuba divers and sailors alike. This means you can even keep your watch on while you are in the shower and it will still be safe.

For the protection of the dials, this watch is equipped with a mineral crystal cover for optimum protection of the face. This feature makes the watch rugged and durable to be worn in even the roughest outdoor environment without worries of getting it damaged.

Within the Luminus display, it is easy to use the watch even in the darkest places like under the sea. It is also made from high-quality materials that will make it last very long and is backed with a 5-year long warranty.

This watch does not come with an alarm included but only a visual time to keep track of your timed applications.

The Good

With this watch from Citizen, you will not need to replace the battery for many years to come, making it quite a power-efficient device. It will also run on a full charge for as long as 6 months, even when it is in the dark.

The Bad

This watch will not properly fit for a good display on the arm for those with quite a small and narrow wrist. It is also quite heavy, and you might always be aware of the watch on your wrist and even more when you are in hot weather.


  • It comes with an extended warranty included
  • It is very easy to use and set this watch
  • Comes with a very long battery life


  • A bit heavy and large for smaller wrist sizes
  • There is no alarm included with this watch


Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer Watch From Timex


When you hear the name, you will find that you are thinking about quality timekeeping devices that are quite reliable. The Timex Intelligent Watch is not only reliable but it looks nice and functions well. All this is bundled into one nice product, all for your convenience.

Product Highlights

This watch comes in a decent 47 millimeters size to be used by a wide range of different wrist sizes. It also comes equipped with quite a strong and durable mineral dial window to keep your watch protected all the time.

This watch’s case is made from high-quality stainless steel materials to make it more durable for even more protection. This means the watch is strong and will last much longer, and the durable features will improve the watch’s longevity.

It comes with a water-resistant feature of up to 330 feet to make it ideal for sailing and other watersports. It might not be great for scuba diving but is still great for yachting and other boating sports applications.

The textured and layered dial face gives the watch a nice sporty look and also improves the aesthetics of the watch. So it can easily be used for water and other sports options as well as for everyday wearing on the wrist.

Unfortunately, this wristwatch from Timex will not easily be adaptable with other aftermarket wriststraps but only with Timex replacement bands to take away some versatility.

The Good

It is affordable enough to be used by the professional as well as the beginner who does not want to spend too much money. It is made for the sailor in mind to help improve your critical timing for much better overall results.

The Bad

It does not have a backlight option, so you may have trouble reading the watch in the dark, even with the luminous feature. This is not good when you need to read the display for quick and easy reaction time while you are yachting.


  • Comes with a unique style for better display
  • It is made from high-quality stainless steel material
  • Ideal for sailing and other watersports
  • Comes with great functions that are easy to use


  • Does not come with Indiglo included
  • Bands not replaceable with other brand bands


Buyer’s Guide

For you to make an informed decision on the right sailing watch for you, a guide is necessary to provide you with information. This information is in the form of some important matters regarding function, looks, and versatility. This will be followed by frequently asked questions by people who are shopping for the ideal sailing watch to use.

These questions and answers will make your life much easier when you are out there in the vast sailing watch market.

So without further ado, let’s jump in and get educated about sailing watches and what they have to offer the beginner and expert.

Band Material

Sailing watch bands are made from stainless steel to help them last much longer, especially in the sea’s saltwater. You will also find sailing watch bands that are made from silicon, which is quite strong and durable, as well as waterproof material.

The third option for sailing watch bands is rubber, which is also great for use with water. These bands come with good looks in mind.

Water Resistance

All marine function watches are made with the water-resistant feature included, which is also the case with sailing watches. In most cases, these watches are tested to up 330 feet deep water resistance to be on the safe side.
Many watches come with a water resistance of up to 660 feet and more, but these are mostly for watches used with scuba diving.

Watch Type

There is quite a large variety of watch types used for sailing and boat racing applications. There are watches with chromatic displays and those with digital displays for better clarity. Then there is the eco drive type of watch.
Some smartwatches are used for sailing purposes that come with a wide variety of features included.


You will find that the most used functions of a sailing watch are the countdown timer to help you have better control. This will include helping you keep time while you are keeping your boat on the imaginary starting line before the race starts.

It is crucial that you do not cross the line before the race commences, so you do not get penalized or disqualified. On sailing smartwatches, you would also benefit from a good GPS tracker feature and a feature to predict weather changes.

These are only the bare minimum functions you want on a sailing watch. There are several others to make your sailing much easier.


Depending on the brand as well as the functionality and not to forget the extra features included, there is a wide price range attached. You can have a nice entry-level sailing watch for less than 100 dollars, and then some cost more than 1000 dollars.

These very expensive sailing watches are those that come with features and functions that will help the beginner quite a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sailing Watches

What Is a Sailing Watch?

A sailing watch is a watch that comes with all the basic features included that are needed for sailing. It often features a critical countdown feature that sailors need in order to start their race on time.

What Are the Important Features Of a Sailing Watch?

There are a few features you need to have on a sailing watch to help you make your sailing applications much easier.

  • It has a countdown timer installed
  • The watch is typically water-resistant to a depth of a minimum of 330 feet
  • It must be durable enough to withstand the elements and harsh conditions of the sea
  • These watches come mostly with a chronograph feature

Is It Better To Have a Digital Or Analog Watch For Sailing?

Some people prefer the analog type of watch when it comes to the right watch for sailing purposes and quick access to readouts. On the other hand, others prefer the digital display for quick, easy access to the readouts without wasting any time.

Most sailing sports people prefer the chronographic feature because it comes with the luminous feature. The other reason is they want to have a readout of most of the functions at a glance.

The most popular is the analog with all the readouts that are displayed simultaneously on the dial.

How to Use a Sailing Watch

The main feature of a sailing watch is to be able to keep accurate time and display the critical countdown time. This is the time between the countdown alarm and the actual setting off with the gun when the race starts.

This time is around 10 to 15 minutes, and your watch must be able to provide you with information about the imaginary starting line. See the following YouTube video to see precisely how these sailing watches work and what features it must have.

It is not easy to explain all these features in only a few words, so it is better to see with your own eyes what you need to know.

What Are Some of the Best Luxury Sailing Watches?

There are quite a few great luxurious sailing watches out there, but we found a few that might pique your interest.

The Corum Admiral’s Cup Ac-One 45 Titanium case sailing watch comes with great marine features and sailing functions included.

Another one of the excellent luxury sailing watches is the Luminor 1950 3 day Chrono Flyback Regatta sailing watch from Panerai.

There is also the Marine Regatta stainless steel watch from Ulysse Nardine with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and many great functions.


The winner among these great sailing watches is the Garmin Quatix 5 Multisport Marine smartwatch with great functions included. It is also ideal for the sailor because of all the sailing functions included to make your sailing easier and better.

This watch comes with a heavy price tag attached to it, so we looked at a more affordable watch for those on a tight budget. The runner up among these great sailing watches is the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive diving watch.
This comes with all the necessary sailing features, and you will never need to replace the battery in this watch.

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