Is Sailing Dangerous?

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If you are interested in taking sailing up as a sport but you are not sure whether it is dangerous, we have the answer. In this post, we will talk about the dangers of the sport and how to avoid unnecessary, hazardous situations.

It is not wrong to consider if your life will be in danger or if you will be in jeopardy while practicing this wild sport. As it is with all sports, the possibilities are there, but what will you do about it, and how will you treat the threats when they arise?

For those interested, keep on reading and find out whether sailing will be for you or not.

Is It Really Safe?

Some people say that it is safer to sail on the sea than to drive in a car, and that is just because of statistics. According to these statistics, out of every 100,000 sailors, only 5 will die in an accident on the sea.

Also, for every 100,000 drivers, about 11 will die because of accidents on the road. What are the chances on the sea that you will sail into another sailboat except on a very crowded stretch of water?

And that will only happen on race days or when a tournament is busy taking place, and there are many sailors who entered. Also, how many drivers are there on the roads compared to sailors on the sea? So, this statistic is not an accurate assumption.

Sailing is a relatively safe sport or recreational activity because of the strict safety regulations that are part of the rules. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and some irresponsible people are on sailing boats just as there are among car drivers on the roads.

So, to answer the question of whether sailing is dangerous will all depend on how you react in situations and whether you are prepared.

Types of Dangers While Sailing

There is quite a wide range of dangers you may face while practicing this sport or merely sailing for recreational purposes. The following is a list of some of the dangers that may occur while you are sailing on the water.

  • Capsizing is one of the dangers that may happen more than anything else while you are out on the sea sailing.
  • Pirates are a concern that has come to the surface more recently, but that is not something new on the world’s seas.
  • Falling overboard can be a problem when it happens at night, and nobody notices it until it is too late.
  • Sharks are also a huge concern while you are out on the sea, and as it is with most animals, you can not predict their behavior.
  • Storms on the sea are not everybody’s mate, which is also valid for even the most experienced sailors out there.
  • These storms may include such things as hurricanes and other types of storms you have no control over.
  • Getting lost is not something you want to happen to you; this will be a big problem because the seas are vast. However, the chances you get lost from the usual routes are quite slim, even with a larger vessel.
Is Sailing Dangerous

How to Prevent These Dangers

Now that we know some of the dangers, and hopefully there are not a lot more, you can take measures to try to prevent them.

Most of the time, the boat’s capsizing will happen during bad weather and storms on the sea. To prevent this type of accident, simply stay in the bay’s safety and make use of weather reports that predict bad weather.

There are certain routes that are favored by modern-day pirates, so you just need to avoid those routes. If you need to take that route, make sure you are in a large convoy with enough protection from patrol boats around you.

Take the necessary safety measures and make use of safety ropes to tie down those who need to be on deck at night. This way, when someone is washed overboard, you can easily pull them in with the rope and use safety jackets as well.

When it comes to sharks, there are a number of websites you can consult on the activities of sharks. It is also the better option to avoid those regular shark attack sites and make safety preparations if you cannot avoid those locations.

To avoid storms, you just need to stay at home and do something else until the storms subside. If you are in a sudden storm, keep your calm and make sure all your gear is safely tied down.

Mostly you will get lost when your devices and other gear stop working or get washed overboard. Please keep your gear safe and in good condition.


Even though it might be dangerous for the uninformed, the problems still happen to many people, even expert sailors. Good advice is to never get used to the sea and let your guard down. Always be vigilant and be prepared.

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