Renogy Wanderer Review – 2021

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If you have been looking into regulating the power produced by your solar panel set-up, this Renogy Wanderer review could help you.

A solar charge controller is a necessary device to help store DC electricity into batteries from the panels. The main function of a solar charge controller is to prevent the power from your solar panels from damaging your battery. 

If you’re wondering what makes the Wanderer different from other PWM controllers, this unit is self-diagnosing. Therefore, this controller is an intelligent device to regulate the energy coming in from the panels and going to your battery.

Quick Overview


What You Can Expect from the Renogy Wanderer

The Wanderer is a 30A Pulse Width Modulated controller equipped with built-in protection from reverse polarity, overload, short-circuit, and overcharge. 

Its max input voltage is 50VDC and can pump the DC solar charge to 12V or 24V batteries.

It can charge different kinds of batteries such as gel, flooded, AGM, and lithium batteries.

You can check the battery status on its LCD screen. There’s a led bulb that lights up when plugged correctly into the controller. There are sets of led lights to show the battery type connected. 

These sets of led indicators help in showing the status of your battery.

The Renogy Wanderer has four intelligent state charging: bulk, boost, float, and equalization.

What Do We Like about the Renogy Wanderer?

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The Wanderer, even being a PWM unit, is capable of remote control and monitoring. 

It has a slot to connect the BT-1 Bluetooth module, which sends signals for up to 82 feet. This module allows you to monitor your portable system on Renogy’s app, DC Home. It’s available both on IOS and android, so you can check your battery status remotely.

You can find this feature mostly on MPPT units, but the Wanderer is capable of it. However, you need to purchase the BT-1 module separately. The Wanderer doesn’t come with other accessories included in a portable system. 

And if you do not have an existing system and think of getting one, the Wanderer comes with the Renogy’s 100 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Starter Kit.

Do I Need the Bluetooth Module?

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It’s a nice to have but it’s not a need to have. The module allows you to have a battery monitor in your pocket.

The bluetooth signal reached about 82 feet and which easily allows you to check the battery levels in the comfort of your own bunk.

The bluetooth module just need to be plugged into the bottom of the controller and then you need to install the Renogy app on either Apple or Android device


How Does the Renogy Battery Temperature Sensor Work?

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The temperature sensor plugs directly in to the Wanderer charge controller. Then the probe has to be place right on the battery to activate the temperature compensation.

The temperature sensor has a range of temperature from -4 ~ 176 degrees fahrenheit.

Note: does not work with lithium batteries. The cable length is three meters.


How Many 100W Panels Can the Renogy Wanderer Take in at Maximum?

For the 30A controller, four 100 Watt solar panels or 400 Watt solar energy for 12V and 800 watts of solar power for 24V.

The Wanderer is ideal for individuals with low-power needs. It’s perfect for any sailboat or RV living. And you don’t have to worry about your batteries getting damaged because the Wanderer will take charge of it.

All you have to is plug it into your panel and connect it to your batteries. You can rest easy that the Wanderer will do its job.

Renogy Wanderer Review Conclusion

The Wanderer is a great charge controller for the price. The option to have the bluetooth module is a great feature which i do recommend buying. The small size makes it easy to install anywhere and the installation instruction make it easy to install for any skill level.

Renogy is a well known company in the space and if you are looking to upgrade or your putting your own solar kit together then go with the Wanderer.

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Happy Sailing!


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