Sperry 7 Seas Review 2021

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Being a great fit for any foot size, this low-top shoe is comfortable straight out of the box. Aside from its sporty look and sophisticated style, the Sperry 7 seas is a flexible boat shoe and a practical buy! You can wear it, not just on sailing days, but also during casual excursions, whether you’re going to the gym or on a friendly date.

Sperry, the brand that started it all, paved the way for the modern and flexible boat shoe. Paul Sperry designed the first boat shoes for seafarers like him. For those with picky and sweaty feet, this product’s cushiony inner and waterproof upper can make them enjoy everything that summer has to offer. 

Click here to view both styles for Womans Sperry 7 Seas and Men’s Sperry 7 Seas.

Quick Overview


Sperry 7 Seas Review & Features

Just released, this athletic-looking boat shoe is now the talk of many sailing enthusiasts, like Parker York Smith and The Kavalier, two online icons who’re fond of surfing and having fun! Designed with the aid of the world’s best seafarers and watersport competitors, the Sperry Men’s 7 Seas 3-Eye boating shoe was born from the sea and built for your world. 

Sperry’s SEAS product line is known for its stylistic shoes, with beastly traction, intense venting, and fierce fit. The Sperry Men 3 slip-on is one of the latest additions to their well-reputed product line. Its non-marking rubber outsole and hydrophobic mesh upper are just the tip of the iceberg. Providing the support you need for sailing and hitting the waves, this casual sportswear has many more features that can meet your needs:

Razor-Cut Wave-Siping

What’s this? Coupled with the Terrain Traction Pods, this feature provides support when surfing or fishing. Other than the fierce fitting it offers, it can help you balance under any weather. 

Men and Womans Design

They come both in both styles for men and woman. They both have all the features you learn to love from Sperry.

Hydrophobic Mesh

Hydrophobic means “water repellant.” This boat shoe isn’t waterproof, but it’s water-resistant. Waterproof covering prevents fluid from escaping the inside of the shoe. 

What will happen if you step on a puddle? What if you accidentally submerged a foot in the sea? You’ll either go barefoot or wear a damp waterproof shoe. 

In contrast, a pair made from hydrophobic mesh can easily drain water. With this feature, combined with a reliable draining system, you don’t need to take off your shoe to completely dry it.

OmniVent construction

The Sperry 7 Seas’ Omnivent construction provides maximum breathability and reliable draining. Even without socks, you won’t be prone to much sweating and your feet will always feel fresh and comfy. 

Available in 23 Colors

Most boat shoes only come in 2 colors: brown and black. The Sperry 7 Seas are available in 23 colors! Whether you’re fond of navy blue, camo green, or jet-black, this Sperry boat shoe can come in that color for you. 

Mocfit Construction and 360° Lacing System

The combination of these features provides all-day comfort. This means that you’ll experience less sweating even under the full sun. In fact, you don’t need to wear socks while wearing the Sperry 7 Seas. 

Plus, wearing a premium shoe keeps your feet healthy and fresh. You can say goodbye to athlete’s foot and stinky feet. Why settle for damp, generic, and unreliable footwear when you can have Sperry 7 Seas?


A great footwear for offshore sailing and fishing, the Sperry 7 Seas combines the sporty look of a sneaker and the durability of a boat shoe. Paul Sperry created the first revolutionary boat shoe, so certainly, only they can provide the best boating and surfing footwear in the world. 

These Sperry 7 Seas boating shoes are a great pick for either men and woman. The durable design and construction make it a no brainer if your into sailing or any water sports. These are a type of shoe you wont have to be scared to wash. They are meant to be in the water and were designer to dry very quick.

If you are looking for another option or just want to do a little more window shopping then take a look at our best sailing shoes of 2021.

Thank you for reading our Sperry 7 Seas Review. Happy Sailing!


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