Best Sailing Knives of 2021: Top Recommendations

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If you enjoy spending time on the water, whether it is a river, lake, sea, or ocean, you have probably tried or are thinking about giving sailing a chance. Guess what? It has never been so affordable.

This is because sailing boats, as well as all the other essential equipment, are in high demand. Thus, manufacturers are doing their best to provide great quality for reasonable prices. One item that you want to consider investing in is a razor-sharp object that you can use to untie knots and cut through anything in your way.

We have prepared a list of the best sailing knives, doing our best to include both budget-friendly products and a couple of higher-end options. So keep reading if you would like to see what we have found to help you make the best purchasing decision.

Comparison Chart

Spyderco Atlantic Salt Folding Knife
Best Choice
Davis Instruments Deluxe Rigging Knife
Best Price
Myerchin MYP300SL Combo Tool
Best Multipurpose Knife

Best Sailing Knives Reviews

Camillus Carbo Titanium Folding Marlin Spike


When it comes to knives, there are a couple of things that you will want, and sharpness is certainly one of these. Luckily, the blade of this product is made out of carbonitride titanium, which is considered to be probably the best solution, especially when it comes to preventing dull cutting or sticking. With this in mind, it is a great option for those who enjoy sailing, as well as hunting and hiking enthusiasts!


The first thing that you will want to know when it comes to the Marlin Spike is that the full length of it is 6.5 inches. The blade is set at 2.5 inches, which is more than enough, even if you are planning to cut through something thick. One of the most important points is the construction of the handle.

The handle is well-made. It is layered out of fiberglass, covered in resin, and then baked at high temperatures to ensure durability and heavy-duty construction. However, although something that you can certainly rely on, keep in mind that it is not as ergonomic as you would want it to be.

This knife is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users, given the dual thumb stud that you can use to open the knife. The reliable liner lock plays an essential role when it comes to keeping the blade in its place.

Additionally, the Marlin Spike is rigid and multi-functional, going a long way when it comes to untangling knots. The combination of carbonitride titanium and VG10 that is used in the composition of the blade means you won’t have a lot to worry about in terms of maintenance.

The issue that we have with it is that the multipurpose loop seems to be quite flimsy. Other than that, there is not much to say against it, given the fact that it is a well-made, sharp, and durable sailing knife.



  • Good value for money
  • Sharp and rigid
  • Easy to use
  • Securely locks in place


  • Flimsy loop


Spyderco Atlantic Salt Folding Knife


When it comes to innovative knives, Spyderco manufactures sharp, rigid models and offers them at a decent price. That is the case with this Atlantic Lightweight Folding Knife, which is highlighted by a couple of intuitive features, such as an FRN handle, a hollow grind, and a back lock!


This has to be one of the most attractive sailing knives on the market. It comes in two different color variations (yellow and black).

The main reason why we consider this knife to be a fantastic choice is that it offers a corrosion-resistant and sharp blade. It is extremely important to know that your knife won’t let you down, especially when you are out in the open sea.

In terms of how good the handle is, it is made out of fiberglass that is injected into a nylon mold, resulting in a lightweight yet ergonomic handle (FRN). The hollow grind plays a vital role when it comes to a concave, sharp, beveled edge that can help you untie even the most stubborn knots.

The fact that it has two serration patterns improves the cutting ability of this product by more than 20%. As for the dimensions, you are looking at a handle that is 4.59 inches long and a blade that is 3.68 inches long.

The only issue that we found is that the latch is a bit loose, for which reason you will want to be extra careful when using it underwater. Overall, this sailing knife comes at a reasonable price and offers fantastic cutting and untying abilities!


  • FRN ergonomic handle
  • Reliable, sharp blade
  • Hollow grind
  • Simple to use – very sharp


  • Latch is a bit loose


Myerchin Sailors Tool Linkerlock


Moving on with our list of the best sailing knives, we have a product that is multipurpose and is just perfect if you are always on the water. Attractive and sturdy, you won’t have to worry whether exposure to saltwater will damage it thanks to the excellent construction it is highlighted by.


Yes, this product is made in China, but if you know a thing or two about sailing knives, then you have surely heard of Myerchin, which serves as one of the best brands in this segment. It uses the best materials to provide optimal performance and durability.

This knife is made out of stainless steel and is set at 5 inches in length in total. When it comes to efficiency and cutting ability, the blade has serrated edges, as well as thumb studs that will help you maneuver this knife without any safety risks.

Once you release the ball, you can open up the pliers, which can come in handy for untying knots. While not as ergonomic, the aluminum handle is something that you can definitely rely on, and once put in the nylon sheath, you can be absolutely certain that this great value knife won’t degrade while it is out of use!



  • Fantastic construction
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade
  • Aluminum handle
  • Pliers are included in the knife design
  • Nylon sheath


  • Handle isn’t very ergonomic


Davis Instruments Deluxe Rigging Knife


When it comes to models that include much more than just a stainless-steel blade, you are in the right place. The Davis Instruments brand did an incredible job manufacturing a knife according to the latest industry standards while making sure that everything a sailor would need is included!


You are looking at a multipurpose sailor’s knife that features a blade, a screwdriver, a marlinspike, and a shackle key. There aren’t any pliers, but with the aforementioned elements, you should have an easy time opening or untying anything that is causing problems for you.

Most importantly, it has a stainless-steel housing and loop, both of which are essential for simple portability and making sure that the knife will last you a long time. On the other hand, we would like it much better if the storage case was of better quality, given the fact that it is something that you will be putting your knife away in.

Still, due to the design and the fact that we are talking about a multifunctional item, this knife is something you shouldn’t miss out on!


  • Fantastic price
  • Shackle key, marlinspike
  • Screwdriver, stainless-steel blade
  • Simple to use
  • Attractive design


  • Flimsy case
  • Doesn’t feature pliers


Myerchin MYP300SL Combo Tool


In the end, we want to present you with a tool that comes from one of the leading brands in this field, and that is the already mentioned Myerchin. Standing at a fantastic price, this knife comes with a 440C stainless-steel 75% serrated blade, along with functional pliers and a marlinspike. This knife is something you should definitely consider.


The point you are probably most interested in is the dimensions, as well as the cutting ability of this product. Firstly, you should know that the closed length is 5 inches, while the blade is set at 2.25 inches long. It weighs just above 4 ounces.

Both the blade and the marlinspike are 3 inches in length, and the pliers are made out of reliable stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and made to last. All of that, plus the aluminum handle that is featured, is the main reason why we want to emphasize that this product serves as a long-term investment.

The knife is a bit bulky if you consider that the blade is only 35% of its total size. However, it is a sharp and multi-functional item that you can get great use out of!


  • Price point is very good
  • Multifunctional
  • Locks in place
  • Stainless steel


  • A bit bulky


Wrap Up

When it comes to the final verdict, our personal favorite has to be the Spyderco Atlantic Salt Sailing Knife. The main reason for this is that it features everything that an item such as this one should. It has a sharp blade and hollow grind, and it is perfect for cutting and untying.

Our second choice would be the Myerchin PSL300 Combo Tool, which is something that anyone who is on a limited budget and in search of a multifunctional knife should invest in!

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