Gill Short Finger Champion Sailing Glove Review

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Quick Overview



  • Durable for men and woman
  • UV 50+ protection and is water repellent
  • Offset finger seams remove pressure points and help reduce wear
  • Pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape
  • Great value for the money


  • One colour option
  • Fit slightly small (use sizing chart)

Are you an extreme water sport or sailing enthusiast? Whether you’re doing it competitively or simply just for fun, having the right equipment is already half the task. You’ve probably heard of Gill short finger sailing gloves if your here – and not only do they keep your hands nice and warm. They also protect the skin of your hands and fingers from getting wrecked.

If you’ve been looking for men’s or women’s sailing gloves for a while now, here’s a review on one of the finest sailing gloves.

Gill Short Finger Champion Sailing Glove Review

This is Gill Men’s 7242 Short Finger Champion Sailing Glove from the brand Gill – with over four decades of experience in crafting the perfect boating gloves that can withstand even the most extreme conditions possible. Gill’s time-tested experience on its craft is already a good sign, a sign that the brand has long been working to create the anatomy of a perfect sailing glove – which leads us to the next section:

What to Expect

The Gill short finger sailing gloves will make pulling those wet sheets and halyards a breeze. No more will you being coming home with teared up palm and fingers.

At first glance, these sailing gloves look just like any other pair, but look closely and you’ll see that it’s the little details that actually make the difference. Starting with the fabric itself, these sailing gloves are made from a four-way stretchable fabric that offers UV 50+ protection – perfect for sunny days when even an SPF 50 sunblock seems to be not enough. 

Did we also tell you that they’re also water-repellant? No matter how damp you and your arms become, these sailing gloves will keep your hands and fingers dry, ensuring that you’ll still have the best grip even in the most uncomfortable situations.

Design and Construction

Now let’s look at the design of these sailing gloves. Notice how they have offset finger seams right before the joints in the middle of your fingers? These minimize pressure points on the gloves, which help reduce wear. Instead of opting for (tacky and possibly uncomfortable) side seams, the fabric on these gloves is also wrapped around your palms – offering maximum wear protection. 

Dura-grip fabric is used to form the palms, offering optimum grip levels with maximum slip and abrasion resistance. To complete, these gloves come with wide neoprene wristbands that can snugly fit anyone’s wrists nicely.


In terms of sizing, these gloves are tight-fitting, so you can either pick your size (if you want something that can wrap your hands snugly) or size up (if you want something a little loose-fitting). Since they have a break-in period, you might need to wear these gloves tightly a few times before they fit you perfectly. After the break-in period, however, its perfect fit might make you forget you’re wearing gloves, up until you try sailing with them on!

Are they only for Sailing?

Although these gloves are initially meant for sailing, their durable and thick material also works well with hiking, paddle sports and heavy technical work. They are great for outdoor, heavy-duty tasks like ropework, as well as hiking brambles, poles, and thorns, among others. You can even type on your keyboard and use a touchscreen device without having to take off these gloves.


The Gill Men’s Short Finger Champion Sailing Glove are one of the most popular sailing gloves on the market for good reason. They aren’t just for sailing like we mentioned they can be used for any activity. Although, if your still haven’t made up your mind you can also look another industry leader when it come to sailing gloves.


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