Garmin Quatix 5 Sailing Watch Review

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Quick Overview



  • Precise compass
  • Long battery life
  • Intuitive Fusion Lite app
  • Autopilot/UltraTrack


  • Not as sturdy as similar models

If you are into sailing or other water-related activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, or paddling, then you may want to invest in a reliable watch. A product such as this one may help you navigate through your land and water adventures, as well as give you information on the temperature, wind speed, and depth. These are all key factors, especially if you are engaged in a race.

Looking at the market, there are many different models that we consider to be a worthy choice. The one that we are most impressed by is the Garmin Quatix 5 Sailing Watch.

Coming at a reasonable price (for a product such as a sailing watch), it is durable and offers fantastic compatibility, which can be of great use when it comes to autopilot mode or using it for controlling other Stereo Active products. Let’s read on to determine whether it is the right choice for you, and we’ll also look at the potential benefits you can reap out of it.

Garmin Quatix 5 Sailing Watch Review

This Quatix 5 model is one of the most versatile when it comes to watches that can be used for land and water navigating. Coming from a well-recognized brand, you will be impressed by its ability to connect with relevant chart plotters while also allowing you to engage in remote control or autopilot mode. The display size is set to 1.2 inches, and it offers voice control, which makes this watch incredibly easy to use.

Apart from the fact that it will inform you of all the essential data, including depth, wind speed, temperature, and mileage, you may also get information related to the starting line, as well as task assistance when you are sailing. This is a multifunctional device that is surely worth taking a closer look at.

Who Is This Watch For?

Although it is an attractive product, we wouldn’t recommend it for people who aren’t into sailing or other water-related activities but are rather looking for an accessory watch. On the other hand, it is a tremendous choice if you are into some of the aforementioned sports and you need a device that will allow you to track your progress, as well as heart rate and weather conditions.

What’s Included?

This offer includes a smartwatch that is highlighted by a stainless-steel casing and a heavy-duty rubber band. Not only that, but there is also a detailed user manual that should provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of a product such as this one.

Furthermore, you are getting a case that is just perfect for putting this watch away when you are not using it.


Overview of Features

The first thing that we want to talk about is the intuitive design, as this smartwatch offers a 1.2-inch display and 240p x 240p resolution. Featuring GSP technology, as well as a worldwide map, a product such as this one can be of great use if you are into water and land sports.

One of the coolest points is the integrated Fusion Lite assistance app that will allow you to control other Stereo Active products, including the BB100 and the RA70. Additionally, it features software that will keep you informed on your current heart rate, along with other useful data, such as distance to your desired point, countdown timer, etc.

Most importantly, the Quatix 5 features a number of preloaded profiles for activities such as paddling, kayaking, and sailing. Not to mention, the 3-axis electronic compass plays a crucial role when it comes to keeping you on the right track and informing you of your current location/position, regardless of whether you are moving or in a standby position.

The main issue that we have with it is that, although it is stylish and sleek, the Quatix 5 watch is quite fragile, so you will want to be extra cautious when putting it through heavy use. Other than that, there is not much that we can say against it, as it is a reasonably priced sailing watch that comes with a number of intuitive, smart features!

How to Use Garmin Quatix 5 Sailing Watch

As we have mentioned above, you are getting a user’s guide that should give you insight on how to set this smartwatch up and make sure that you get the most out of its features, such as SailAssist and UltraTrack. Luckily, even if you have no previous experience with smartwatches, the Fusion Lite app, the autopilot control, and the preloaded activity profiles will help you put this device to great use.


Suunto Core All Back Men’s Sports Watch

Frankly, although this product is made for men, we don’t see anything wrong with women using it also, given the simple, stylish black design it is highlighted by. Coming at a more affordable price than the aforementioned product, it is perfect for tracking the weather and your current location. It is also perfect for different sports activities that you might want to engage in.

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The Garmin Quatix 5 is somewhat pricier than most of its competitors. However, it includes many smart features, including the Fusion Lite app and different modes (auto control/sail assist/ultra track). Overall, it is a multifunctional device that can help you not only stay oriented but also win your sailing race. Good luck!


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