Helly Hansen Sailing Glove Review

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Quick Overview



  • Durable for men and woman
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Can be machine-washed
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free repair on manufacturer’s defect


  • Limited color selection
  • Some customers claim it is not waterproof

Gloves are more than just a fashion statement or accessory. Gloves provide protection against the harsh elements and for people engaged in hard-core activities such as lacrosse, racers, paddle sports, and most importantly sailors. Helly Hansen sailing glove can be used in more than one way.

In sailing, gloves are a necessary accessory to protect against sheets, halyards, and winch handles. They are critical in increasing hold capacity on sheets and in enhancing your performance. Sailing gloves also protect you against blisters when handling dock lines and other rough surfaces.

Helly Hansen Sailing Gloves

Helly Hansen’s promises lifetime warranty on their products, and an assurance that they will repair any manufacturing defect. The Helly Hansen brand has over 140 years of experience in creating professional gear and apparel. Backed by technologies developed over the years, the Helly Hansen sailing glove has successfully combined the look of modern and conventional design. 

What Do You Get?

Helly Hansen brand stands for the optimum combination of protection, performance and style, and backed by a list of first-to-market technological innovations such as Lifa stay-dry technology, fleece fabrics, first supple and waterproof fabric, and the their award winning h2flow technology that regulates temperature.

These sailing glove come with a full warranty against material and workmanship defects.

Design and Construction

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Helly Hansen sailing gloves are made of 100% polyester. Polyester is a plastic-based fiber that is highly durable, resistant to shrinking and wrinkles, and can hold up to numerous cycles of wash and wear. 

Polyester is also a dry-wicking fabric, meaning it absorbs moisture but it evaporates quickly instead of retaining it, leaving your glove dry and less prone to stains. Let’s face it, sailing is not as glamorous as some people portray. It has a good chemical resistance against organic materials and water. 

Another great characteristic of polyester is the ease of caring for the fabric. It is machine washable and can withstand a dryer, thus no need to iron the fabric. The fabric will not shrink, will not fade, will not wrinkle, and will always retain its form and shape even after many washes. This ensures that your glove will always snugly fit your hands.

The glove has a great grip on the palm and an extra padding within the entire glove, providing comfort and warmth. The closure is made of ventilated well-designed material and secured by Velcro at the wrist to give a snug fit. The upper surface includes materials to fight against ultra violet rays.

The glove comes in a combination of gray/black color that would go well with any of your sailing outfits. 

Innovative Technology

Helly Hansen has proven their worth in providing well-crafted sailing glove in a world where cutthroat competition prevails and every business is trying to beat their competitors using every means possible. The company invested in innovative technologies to get a competitive edge in the industry.

Environmental Commitment

Polyester is 100% recyclable once it has outlived its purpose.

The company uses recycled polyester in adherence to their commitment to keep the environment safe. More than 60% of their fabric materials are from pure polyester or fabric blends of polyester. Their non-woven items are using 80% recycled polyester.

Using recycled polyester reduces their dependence on petroleum as raw material for their fabric requirements. Recycled polyester reduces the need for more energy and lessen global warming potential. The less PET bottles used, the less landfill, therefore reducing water, air and soil pollution. 

Is This Glove for You?

The glove is moderately priced and therefore affordable to everyone. It is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear for years. If you are looking for protection and cannot afford a high-priced glove, this product is the right one for you. 

Handling sheets, rigging, your sailing watch and other sailing gadgets is easy with its cut fingers design. A traditional and reasonably priced glove combined with the advantages of modernity is definitely a must-have glove for you and your crew.

Using the Helly Hansen Sailing Glove

You do not need a manual on how to use this glove. Simply slip it on and secure it on your wrist with the built-in Velcro straps. The short finger glove makes it easy for you to handle your smart gadgets and other things without the need to remove the glove but during cold season, it can turn your fingers stiff and cold. 

However, you can also use the Helly Hansen Sailing Gloves for other sports such as rowing, fishing, kayaking, coastal sailing, inshore sailing, marine and ocean offshore sailing, and dinghy sailing.

Although the Helly Hansen sailing glove has proven to be useful for far more than sporting activities. Some people use the glove in their daily work. A customer, who drives a truck for a living, uses the Helly Hansen sailing glove because of its strong grip and extra padding that allows him to better control the steering wheel of his truck. 

Another wearer uses the glove to steer his wheelchair, keeping his palms safe from blisters. A motocross driver finds the Helly Hansen polyester material durable and enduring.

The list of how you can use Helly Hansen unisex glove seems endless, but the best part is that the glove is unisex. Even women can wear it without losing their femininity. 


Sailing is fun if you have the right gear and accessories, but some people choose their accessories purely for aesthetic purposes. A smart sailor chooses gear and accessories that have quality and durability without compromising price and functionality. This is where the Helly Hansen Sailing Gloves come in.


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