Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch Review

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Quick Overview



  • Water and Shock resistant
  • Convenient viewing with its big digital display
  • Bold styling and updated sailing functions
  • A real-value for multi-functionality


  • A bit difficult to activate and figure out at first 

The sailing season varies around the globe, but the one thing that does not change is the items one needs for sailing.

Factors you should consider when choosing a reliable sailing watch are water resistance, material and brand, functionality and price. Among the many styles you can choose from, one that stands out is Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch.

The watch is comfortable, simple, yet durable. It is also reasonably priced with multi-functionality that is perfect for the sailor in you.

Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch Review

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If you are looking for a less complicated but competitive edge sailing watch but do not have the budget, this watch is for you. The style and functionality of the Ronstan ClearStart Watch are unequalled, yet it is affordable and easy on the pocket.

What Do You Get?

The watch comes with a secure and comfortable black silicon band reinforced by a stainless steel buckle and silicon retainer. The watch itself comes with a durable, ultra-clear crystal, mineral lens with a luminescent backlight and reinforced at the back by stainless steel. 

It is also equipped with a CR2 lithium battery and a user manual to guide you on its use. It is also available in blue-grey and red color silicone bands.

Best Features

State-of-the-Art Race Functions and Bold Styling

The watch combines real sailing functionality with fashionable styling. It features big buttons for easy to read displays and advance built-in programming specifically designed for the true sailor. Crafted from the combined ideas from some of the world’s top sailing enthusiasts, the Ronstan ClearStart race timers and watches can surely set the standard in the years to come. 

Shock and Water Resistant

Fashionably designed to withstand the rigors of competitive sailing, the Ronstan ClearStart watches are highly shock resistant and rated 5ATM water-resistant.

Real-Time with Multi-line Display

Let’s discuss the ease of switching between time modes and count down. The Ronstan ClearStart displays actual time below the count downtime using its multi-line large display.

It features oversized display digits for easy viewing. The 50 mm watch displays a 13mm digit that you can quickly view without taking your hands off the helm. The race timer has a 16mm size digit that you and your crew can easily view when mounted to the mast base or boom.

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Re-synchronization Race Sequence

During the race, it is almost impossible to synchronize your watch at the exact second of the race’s start sequence. With the Ronstan ClearStart SYNC function, you can easily re-synchronize to the official race time. Just a press of a button allows you to get your starting sequence back.

Pre-programed Race Sequence Sounds

The Ronstan ClearStart has a built-in sound signal that allows you to know where you are in the sequence start without glancing at the display. It is pre-programmed with Match Racing and World Sailing 5-4-1-0 start sequences. You also have the option to program it for other countdown sequences and turn it off when not in use.

Count down – Count up Sequence

You can choose to set up a general recall restart by repeating the countdown at the end of a sequence or you can count up to track the elapsed time. The choice depends on your personal preference.

Real Life Functionality

Adapt your daily life activities with your Ronstan ClearStart sailing watch using its standard date in day-month or month-day format, 12 to 24-hour time format that includes hours/minutes/seconds, daily alarm, and chronograph. You can use it as an alarm to wake up or a timer for working out. Scheduling sailing dates and races is easy with the standard calendar month.

Luminescent Backlight

Nighttime is not a problem with your Ronstan ClearStart sailing watch because it has a full-face bright electroluminescent backlight that you can turn on at a press of a button for a 4-second quick view.

Using the Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch

As mentioned above, turning it on is quite tricky even with the provided user’s manual. To turn it on, you need to press and hold the CLEAR button while simultaneously pressing and holding the MODE, SYNC, and START/STOP buttons for 5 seconds.

Once you get familiar with the buttons functions, setting up sequence and timers will be a breeze. The pre-programmed setting can help you use the product to its optimum capability. The buttons allow you to switch in different modes quick and easy.

The best part is you can mount it on a mast, boom or deck or wear it on your wrist. If you choose to mount it, you can remove the wrist strap and fix the housing onto your boat with M4 fasteners. Make sure you secure the timer before using. The oversized digital font makes viewing easy either mounted or worn on the wrist.


The Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch is a real value for the money. Its multi-functionality is worth more than its price. It exhibits superb styling and functionality accompanied by its accurate start timer. Its large display and intuitive programming makes it beneficial for all sailors, seasoned or amateurs. Overall, it is an excellent watch that is not too complicated, yet provides the competitive edge any sailor is looking for.


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